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What Is

Zero Shock™?

Zero Shock™ utilizes the safest and most advanced impact absorbing technology in the world. Zero Shock™ air bag systems are used around the globe for the amusement, gymnastic, stunt, extreme sports, civil rescue and commercial industries.

Zero Shock™ utilizes our patented Krush Kushionz™ (KK) technology that is so effective and revolutionary; it has radically changed the way many industries operate. The ‘fingers’ of the KK act like shock absorbers and the cushioning is so effective that it makes one of our air bags as soft as landing in water or a foam pit.

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Zero Shock™

Great Flexibility & Safety

The top surface sheet of the air bag merely ‘floats’ on top of a series of cylindrical tubes or ‘fingers’. When a body lands or indents the top surface sheet, only a small amount of air within the tubes immediately expels into the base bag below when making impact. This principle is exactly how a shock absorber on your car reacts and the indentation is immediate. This means that protruding limbs are indented into the surface of the bag far more efficiently and safely, thus creating for the first time ever, an air bag where you do not have to land on your back to be safe!

The current technology for safe landing air bags that have been around for many years, is woefully inadequate and in many ways dangerous. All current air bag technology, up until now, has used the same principles as a Bounce House or Bouncy Castle, but with a pressure release – normally in the form of Velcro flaps and shock cord that rip open upon impact.

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Zero Shock inflatable stunt bag
Doritos Jacked Knievel stunt bag

The Shortcomings

Of Current Technology Are:

  1. After the first person has landed, the system has to recover because a great volume of air has been expelled at impact, which renders it ineffective for a period of time.
  2. You must land on your back or risk serious injury. The top sheet of standard air bags are flat and taut and do not readily indent. In order for the top surface to be indented, an enormous amount of air has to be shifted from underneath the impacting body. This takes time and creates an “indent response lag” which bydefinition constitutes a relatively hard surface.
  3. It is extremely unsafe to land anywhere near the edges of these traditional air bags as you can bounce, roll or fall off. A traditional air bag has a very small and controlled “sweet spot” that the body must hit in order for the bag to be effective. [This problem has caused serious injury and even death in the past]
  4. Traditional air bags have only two separate chambers. If either of these fail, the bag will be severely compromised or rendered useless and therefore dangerous.

By contrast – Zero Shock™ Air Bags, with our patented Krush Kushionz (KK) technology offers far greater flexibility and safety than the current crop of stunt and extreme sports air bags.

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Zero Shock™

Endless Benefits

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Greater Versatility /
Any Size

ZS air bags can be created in any shape. Whether you need a 6' (2m) -wide bag that snakes between objects or terrain, it's not a problem, as any part of the bag is safe to land on. In addition, the top surface can undulate to create any shape or profile.

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Pressure within the air bag can be regulated, from being as soft as a foam pit to being so firm that a bike can land on it and still be effective. This makes it the only choice as a substitute for foam pits for gymnastics and extreme sports.

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ZS air bags can be extremely small, both in footprint and height, because the 'fingers' behave like shock absorbers. This makes them perfect for areas where normally a large foam pit would be used, especially in gymnastic applications.

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Sweet Spot

Not only are ZS air bags softer to land on – you can also land anywhere on the bag – right up to the very edge! – Without being bounced off. Our patented design allows for a body to 'krush' the fingers upon impact, which forms around the body to cradle the impact.

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Zero Shock™ Air Bags reset instantly! Only a small amount of air is expelled through the 'fingers' directly underneath the impacting body and the system has reset itself even before the person has climbed off of the bag. This means another body can land on the bag while the first body is still on it.

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More than one person can land on the bag at the same time with almost no effect in the quality of the landing and no tendency for one person to bounce the other one off of the bag. Depending on the height of the fall, they can be as close as 24" apart and still be safe.

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